Our fully equipped facilities and highly trained instructors provide a friendly, comfortable, non-competitive environment for the study of Hatha yoga, mostly in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar. This marvelous practice is a gift to you from the ancient yogis of India. Come join us for your greatest health and well being.

At Omine Yoga, you will receive the support of teachers who care about your individual progress, your specific health issues, and your personal reasons for practicing yoga. There is a wonderful world here waiting for you.

“Our wonderful teachers give us one-on-one instruction during class and pay attention to our individual needs, and make our classes fun! We also spend time on meditation and calming our minds from our hectic lives. These classes have been the best gift I could give myself!”
— B.M. Millbrae, Nurse, wife, mother of two Omine Karate Kids.