The Best Gift I Could Give Myself!

“Four years ago, I injured my back and spent three days in bed crawling to the bathroom. I saw the doctor and did physical therapy for a while and slowly got better. When Sensei Susan told me that yoga classes would start at her karate studio, I decided to give it a try to help me strengthen my back. Little did I know how much yoga would change my life.

I have been injury free, lost weight, and toned my back, arms, stomach and legs – my whole body to be exact. Our wonderful teachers give us one-on-one instruction during class and pay attention to our individual needs, and make our classes fun! We also spend time on meditation and calming our minds from our hectic lives. These classes have been the best gift I could give myself!”

—B.M. Millbrae, Nurse, wife, mother of two Omine Karate Kids.

“At last! A User-friendly Yoga Program!”

“I had some doubts about trying yoga because I was alredy doing too many things that required hours of sitting, and this looked like another. But after talking with students who were enthusiastic about how much yoga was doing for them, and meeting the teachers at Omine Yoga, I decided to try it.

The reason I chose the Omine Yoga program is that I know they offer a level of teaching that is of the highest quality and emphasizes individual attention to needs of students. The teachers are punctual, professional and waste no time, but always are alert to any student’s special needs. It’s a pleasure to be in a class where everyone is attentive to what is being taught, and the atmosphere is one of cooperation, and genuine friendliness and encouragement. This is a treat in itself.”

— R.P. Age 80, San Bruno, Volunteer Reading Tutor